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Health Behaviors of adolescents

Principal Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: Prof. Paola Dalmasso


PI contacts
Prof. Paola Dalmasso
Phone: +39 0116705834
Webex Room
Sezione di Igiene, Via Santena 5bis, 10126 Torino

Research activities
The research group is involved in various activities on the topic of adolescents health. The main one is represented by HBSC (Health Behavior in School-aged Children), a multicentric international project, sponsored by the WHO, addressed to deepen the knowledge of health-related behaviors in school-age young people.

In particular, the survey explores perception of well-being and quality of life, reported symptoms and risk behaviors (smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling), physical activity and eating habits, social status economic, ethnic background and relational context in the family, at school and in the peer group ( Some components of the research group are members of the national coordination team of the project, of the Technical Scientific Committee, and of the groups (Focus Groups) that work at the international level on the construction and validation of new items, as well as on the production of scientific rationales in the context of specific topics of the survey. Since 2021, the Head of the research team has been nominated co-PI (Principal Investigatori) for Italy at an international level. The Italian project is part of surveillance systems of national and regional importance (

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