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Nutritional habits, lifestyles and health – Biostatistical models aimed to study health phenomena

Principal Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Migliaretti 


  • Prof. Giuseppe Migliaretti , Associate Professor, Head of Research team
  • Dr. Alessandra Alemanni, Research Fellow
  • Dr. Ilaria Stura, Junior lecturer (Department of Neurosciences)

PI contacts
Prof. Giuseppe Migliaretti 
Phone: + 39 0116705808
Webex Room
Sezione di Igiene, Via Santena 5bis, 10126 Torino

Research Activities
The research activity of the group is mainly addressed to two research areas:

  • Biostatistic models for the study of the growth of pediatric patients and for the study of the diagnosis and risks of complications in oncology and urology. The main projects concern: Estimation of developmental curves of pediatric patients with growth defects, Models for the early diagnosis of Prostate cancer and Kidney cancer and Risks of relapse.
    Particularly important is the multicentre international study aimed at the Creation of Growth Cards for twins. This study is included in the INTERGROWTH-21st International, Multicentric and Multiethnic project whose main objectives are the analysis of growth, nutrition and neurological development in the pediatric population ( - https: / /
  • Statistical methods applied to the study of the benefits, also in terms of response to cancer therapies, deriving from a correct lifestyle and a controlled diet. The main projects concern: Metabolic and psychological benefits of a controlled diet, medium and long term benefits of “Diet at Km 0”, Dietological evaluation integrated with pneumological, cardiological and psychiatric evaluations for the study of post-Covid19 syndromes.
    Particularly important is the Multicenter study on Low-calorie nutrition and response to cancer treatments and the International Multicenter study on Lifestyle and operative complications in thoracic surgery, conducted in collaboration with the French Society of Thoracic Surgery.
  • Moreover, the team is also working on a project about the efficacy and safety of the use of therapeutic cannabis (App. Regione Piemonte - Prot CE 0075747).
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