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The Departmental Council is a body of programming and management of the Department.

In particular, the Council:
- sets out the general criteria for the use of funds allocated to the Department;
- establishes the criteria for the use of resources and the areas assigned to the Department;
- approve the Regulations of the Department;
- approves, in accordance with the University personal plan, the proposal for recruitment of professors or researchers, as well as of administrative staff, to submit to the Academic Senate and the Board of Turin University;
- approves calls or transfers of teachers and researchers; 
- takes the decisions on the establishment, activation and deactivation degree programs for which the Department is responsible; also assumes the deliberations on the proposal of activation or modification of the PhD of the Department and approve its plans;
- takes the decisions on the definition and approval of the plan of training;
- approves the teaching and the Academic Regulations for degree programs in which it is involved; 
- decides on the allocation of responsibility to the teachers teaching in the Department and the coverage of all the teachings activated;
- supervises the good performance and the quality of teaching and research; 
- approves the periodic reports on scientific and teaching activity by professors and researchers;
- promotes the internationalization of the training and research; 
- transmit to the competent authorities a report on the activities carried out by the Department for research and teaching. 

Members of the Council of the Department, with voting rights, are all Department professors and all researchers.

Other members are representatives of the administrative staff, students, PhD students, research fellows and the others identified by the University.

Departmental Council (italian version)

The Director represents the Department and chairs the Council. The Executive ensures the respective resolutions are carried out. The Director is responsible for the Department’s level of research, the standard of teaching together with the so-called "third mission"; in relation to this, it can appoint its own delegate with specific tasks.

The Director appoints at least two Deputy Directors of the Department and assigns the role of Deputy Director to the Deputy Director of Teaching or to the Deputy Director of Research.

Head of department:   Carla Maria Zotti    

Deputy Director for Research: Enrico Bergamaschi

Deputy Director for Teaching: Maria Michela Gianino

The Department Board is the governing body and executive proposals which supports and assists the Director in all his functions.

Departmental Board -Junta (italian version)

Deputy Director for Research: 

Research Commission (italian version)

Deputy Director for Teaching: 

Teaching Commission (italian version)


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