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International Mobility and Cooperation Agreement


The Overseas Mobility programme offers to students of the University of Turin the opportunity to spend up to 6 months in Partner Universities - located outside the EU - which signed a bilateral agreement with UniTo. It is possible also to apply for traineeships or thesis research up to 4 months in a University chosen by the participant:

  • Action 1. Mobility as part of international cooperation agreements between UniTo and Partner Institutions
  • Action 2. Mobility chosen freely by the student.

Students can choose where to do the traineeships or thesis research period in a foreign Institution or University.

  • To join the Overseas Mobility Programme you have to submit your application in Scuola di Medicina Webpage. For further information check this page.

The University of Turin supports cooperation with developing Countries    through outgoing mobility in Africa, South America and Asia.

More information about application, destinations and funding on UniTo


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