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Molecular Immuno-Infectivology

Principal Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: Dr. Massimiliano Bergallo


PI contacts
Prof. Massimiliano Bergallo
Phone: + 39 0113135414
Webex Room
Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita, Piazza Polonia 94, 10126 Torino

Research Activities
The research activity of the Molecular Immuno-Infectivology Group is focused on the development of molecular tests in the field of autoimmunity and immunity. The research activity is combined with the clinical-assistance activity and, in particular, interferon-inducible genes (interferon signature) are studied in pediatric onset diseases such as thrombocytopenia, neutropenias, primary immune-deficiencies and recurrent infections. Human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) and their implication in different physiological and pathological conditions are also studied. The expression of retroviral genes is evaluated: during HCV, SARS-CoV-2, RSV, influenza and herpes viruses infections; during autoimmune diseases (plateletopenias, SLE, etc...); in food and non-food allergies.

Last update: 08/03/2022 15:19
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