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Surveillance and control of Infectious Diseases

Principal Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: Prof. Carla Maria Zotti


PI contacts
Prof. Carla Maria Zotti
Phone: +39 0116705833
Webex Room
Sezione di Igiene, Via Santena 5bis, 10126 Torino

Research activities
Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs)

  • Prof. Carla Zotti is a member of the regional Working Group on HAIs and collaborates in the regional planning of the interventions of the Infectious Risk Prevention Units of Hospital and Health Local Units.The research group coordinates at regional and national level some projects related to HAIs surveillance programs (surveillance of surgical site infections SNICh; prevalence studies in acute care hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities) and antibiotic resistance. The research group participates in the drafting/updating of steering documents for prevention (Legionellosis, non-tuberculous Mycobacteria, carbapenems-resistant Enterobacteria, TB) and participates in training activities.

Environmental Hygiene

  • The “Serology and Microbiology applied to Hygiene” laboratory carries out environmental monitoring especially in health facilities for Legionella and non-tuberculous Mycobacteria. Moreover, typing and microbial ecology studies are carried out, analytical methods are developed and disinfection methods are tested.

Epidemiology and vaccination prevention of Infectious Diseases
For some preventable community-acquired infectious diseases, research activities are carried out on the following topics:

  • Covid-19 serology following vaccination;
  • Evaluation of the impact of influenza and influenza vaccination in healthcare professionals
  • Implementation of communication systems in the community
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