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Ethics and deontology in the protection of the citizen in the assistance path

Principal Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: Prof. Giancarlo Di Vella


  • Prof. Giancarlo Di Vella, Full Professor, Head of Research Team
  • Prof. Maurizio Mori, Full Professor (Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences)
  • Prof. Ignazio Grattagliano, Associate Professor  (University of Bari)
  • Dr. Caterina Bosco, Medical Resident
  • Dr. Palma Sgreccia, Adjunct Professor (Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences)
  • Dr. Chiara Mannelli, Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Umberto Fiandra, Medical Executive (National Health Service)

PI contacts
Prof. Giancarlo Di Vella
Phone: +39 0116705918
Webex Room
Sezione di Medicina Legale, Corso Galileo Galilei 22, 10121, Torino

Research Activities
The laboratory studies and explores issues related to patient health care by stimulating reflection on the ethical and deontological contents of the service. It proposes research, in-depth analysis and seminar activities aimed at discussing particular aspects of the aforementioned issues such as the patient's decision-making autonomy, the doctor-patient relationship, the management of the ethical dilemma in clinical practice (especially in emergency moments such as pandemic), the ethical aspects of medically assisted procreation. Other topics are the experimentation on the person, the protection of the fragile patient, health protection and limitation of freedom for Italian and foreign citizens, listening to minors, the use of artificial intelligence in medicine, health responsibility, etc. The laboratory makes use of multidisciplinary skills in the promotion of human rights through qualified collaborations on issues of specific competence.

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