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Budget Committee



It is an internal committee to the Department and it has set up with the aim of supporting the Director of the Department and the Accounting Administrative Officer for the programming and management of funds for the purchase of educational and scientific instrumentation, to request activation of bags study / research grants, etc ....

The Commission also aims the establishment of practices, the Department Council, about the management of the funds uncommitted. 



  1. (President)
  2. Cuffini Anna Maria (Member)
  3. Zotti Carla Maria (Member)
  4. (Member)
  5. Dalmasso Paola (Member)
  6. Di Giulio Paola (Member)
  7. Di Vella Giancarlo (Member)
  8. Ramenghi Ugo (Member)
  9. (Member)
  10. Bonetto Antonella (Member)
  11. Perticaro Giuseppe Ettore (Member)


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